Link Collection

2022-11 Link Collection

Reasons you aren’t updating your personal site A nice summary why one might stop updating his or her site (discipline, in my case). Also contains some neat ideas how to collect new ideas (maintaining an ongoing list of ideas, asking interesting questions on twitter, etc.). There is also a separate headline for the techies who […]


Blog Manual

This is a reminder to myself, how I thought, I would setup and use this blog. Generally, it is about learning how to write in public. TIL: Today I learned I learned on HackerNews about TIL: Today I learned, which aims to be a simple summary of the things one learned without using up to […]

Startup Ideas

Accessible PDF Generator

Businesses within the EU are forced by law (European accessibility act) to provide accessible PDF files to their customers. Creating accessible PDF files is an complex and expensive task, thus, this service offers best practices, templates and API to convert templates into PDF files. At a later stage, docker images could be made available to […]