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2022-11 Link Collection

Reasons you aren’t updating your personal site

A nice summary why one might stop updating his or her site (discipline, in my case). Also contains some neat ideas how to collect new ideas (maintaining an ongoing list of ideas, asking interesting questions on twitter, etc.). There is also a separate headline for the techies who always strive for perfectionism (Good is enough!): “Too hard to add and edit content“. My simple solution: I use WordPress with some plugins and one of its’ standard themes.

The Side Project Prophecy

This month only posts of Brian Loving get covered. His page and content are really great.

The side project prophecy: the more you talk about building your side project, the less likely you are to ship it.

Brian Lovin

I fully agree. One could also replace with talk, and you get a new meaning which probably even covers more people and their approach for tackling their ideas. Not, probably most often.

Steve Jobs

Some mistakes will be made along the way, that’s good. At least decision are made on the way. And if we find mistakes, we fix them.

It started with what incredible benefits can we give to the customer. Not, starting with, let’s sit down with the engineers and figure out what awesome technologies we have and then how we gonna market that.

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