Summary: How to Conduct a Heuristic Evaluation

This is a short summary of Jakob Nielsens Arcticle on questioning "How to Conduct a Heuristic Evaluation".

Definition: Heuristic evaluation is a method for finding usability problems in a user interface design[1]

Heuristic evaluation is intended as "discount usability engineering" method. This is per se not bad as it is very cost efficient: Nielsen[3] found out, that costs were about $10,500 and expected benefits $500,000.

Basic conditions

  • three to five evaluators are recommended (throwing people on the problem does not inevitable lead to additional information)
  • Evaluator inspect the interface alone
  • Evaluator are only allowed to communicate with other evaluators after they have done the evaluation
  • Domain-related questions of evaluators are allowed and should be answered (Contrary to traditional user testing)
  • Evaluations sessions typically last one or two hours (Complicated interfaces should be splitted in several sessions)


  • Iterative approach (at least two times): the evaluator uses the interface several times and compares it with defined heuristics
  • Heuristics can be
    • own expectations to usability
    • heuristics retrieved by competitive analysis
    • usability principles[2]
      • Visibility of system status
      • Match between system and the real world
      • User control and freedom
      • Consistency and standards
      • Error prevention
      • Recognition rather than recall
      • Flexibility and efficiency of use
      • Aesthetic and minimalist design
      • Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors
      • Help and documentation


  • Ideally formalized as written reports
  • "List of usability problems in the interface with references to those usability principles that were violated by the design in each case in the opinion of the evaluator."[1]
  • Explanation of each violation and link to the heuristic
  • As detailed as possible


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