Places to Visit in Jordan

Two years ago I have spent a semester abroad in Amman, Jordan. This is a retrospect showing you the places to visit! And yes, I recommend you visit Jordan, it is several times better than visiting the regular stuff!

Map of Jordan

The map contains point of interests (POI) you should visit. Each POI is linked to the according section (And very important: Take a look at the pictures)

Wadi Mujib (‏وادي الموجب‎)

Wadi Mujib is a canyon near the dead sea. We had a great time there hiking through water with Wild Jordan (Which I recommend to everyone!)

Wadi Rum (‏وادي رم‎)

I was two times in Wadi Rum. The first time was very impressive. We slept under the stars. I have never seen such stars. And on the next day, we climbed on sandy mountains.

Jerash (‏جرش‎)

Jerash is famous for his ancient city with roman architecture. A must-see!


Well, I think not too much words have to be said about this. Just look at the picture!

Dead Sea Panoramic Complex Lookout

Al Karak (‏الكرك‎)

Al Karak is known for its Crusader Castle, called Kerak Castle. The picture shows the valley around it.


Dana is wonderful. We stayed at Dana Guesthouse and had this amazing view. If you are in jordan, this is an absolute must!

Ma'in Hot Springs

A nice and green place for an afternoon. If you have women with you, I recommend you to go into the nearby hotel and not to use the public area. The public area is not really comfortable and also jordan men are not used to women in bikini.

Azraq (الأزرق‎)

Aqaba (العقبة)

Some more notes

If you have much time left (More than a week), you could also visit Israel. I also should mention, that I skipped some places, people also usually go to Mount Nebo and the Baptism Site.

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