Places to Visit in Amman

Almost 2 years ago I was as an exchange student in Amman, Jordan. I have studied at the German Jordanian University which is a about 20km outside of Amman. However, I lived during this time in Amman and I will talk about my favourite places!


An ancient place where you have a great outlook over the hills of Amman (Amman was originally made up of seven hills). THIS IS A MUST!


Old City

Walk around, get to know Amman, visit the Roman Theatre, buy scarfs or other hand-made stuff from the shops.


Royal Jordanian Automobil Museum

An impressive collection of really nice cars. There is also some history incorporated into the descriptions, quite interesting. 


Wild Jordan Cafe

A great place to eat and meet. The building also integrates the offices of Wild Jordan with whom you can make a lot of great trips in Jordan! You also have a teriffic view to the citadel! Enjoy it!

Buffalo Wings & Rings

If you want to grab some alcohol (They have pitcher for a reasonable price!) and a lot of meat - they sell chicken wings, you should definitely visit Buffalo!


Really great food, especially if you like sushi, but they offer also other things, yummy! Quite expensive. 

Falafel Place

This place is near the flat I used to live. I think I almost bought falafel every day. I miss them so much! 


There is a weekly market worth visiting. I do not remember the day of the week... However, you can buy literally anything: shoes, clothing, vegetables and so on. 

KiWi (Smoothies)

Just go there and try their smoothies. Awesome!

King Abdullah Mosque

The King Abdullah Mosque is a very impressive. I think it is appropriate if females put a scarf on their head..


Turkish Bath

Give it a try - some people like and others not. 

Cafe de Paris

A small pub where you can get alcohol for a reasonable price and where mostly expats or liberal jordanians are hanging around and partying. Unforgetable are the tequila nights :-)


Being in Ammans literally requires you to go to Hashem at least once. And trust me, you will go there another time! Also very cheap although it is such famous.


It is somehow hidden in the small streets of the old town of Amman. But it is worth a visit, I love their amazing grilled food!

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