Mac OS X El Capitan Virtual Image for Parallels 10

You have bought Parallels 10 and now this greedy (Sorry, that is my opinion if they behave like that) company wants again bucks just to let you virtualize the current version of your Mac?

Sorry Parallels, but you can not just roll out a new major version each time. The OS is for free but we should pay almost annually to virtualise it? Do not go too far or you will just loose all your customers.

Anyway, here is the guide.


  • You are running Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11) on your physical machine
  • You have bought Parallels 10 and do not want to pay for another upgrade
  • You want to create a new virtual machine from your recovery partition


If you want to create a virtual machine with Parallels 10 from your recovery partition, Parallels obviously did not include some patches in order to get this working with El Capitan.

I got "Boot Failed. EFI Hard Drive" and ended in the "EFI Shell". 


As obvious as it is, I struggled a while get to it:

  1. Remove your old version (Ensure you still have your key)
  2. Download and install the current version (11) of Parallels
  3. Create the virtual machine from the system recovery partition
  4. DO NOT INSTALL the Parallels Tools
  5. Remove Parallels 11
  6. Install Parallels 10
  7. Start the VM, install the Parallels Tools 
  8. Voilà

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