From Amman to Jerusalem and back using Allenby/King Hussein Bridge

This entry was written on 30.11.2013. There is no guarantee on my statements. Please prove them by yourself.

I am currently living in Amman as an exchange student and visited Jerusalem just for weekend. I figured out that it would be the best to cross the border on the King Hussein Bridge also called Allenby Bridge.


  • Visa or Visa-free Passport (e.g. German Passport) for Israel. As far as I know, e.g. Turkish people need a visa
  • Visa for Amman (You won't get a visa at the King Hussein Bridge). I had a three month visa. This article isn't tested yet on a one-month tourist visa. (Feedback is welcome!)
  • Be aware that the crossing will last several hours. Especially if you have been to such countries like lebanon. Jordan is no problem.

From Amman to Jerusalem

  1. Take a taxi from Amman to the border. It costs about 25 JD (From 7th Circle). The ride lasts about 40 to 50 minutes. Shortly before reaching the border you have to switch to another taxi. The new taxi will cost about 2 JD. Do not pay more than that. Travelling by bus is possible by busses operated by JETT. A ride with the bus costs 8,50 JD.
  2. Enter departure hall (Your Luggage will be checked)
  3. Fill out the form (passport-number, nationality, name)
  4. Let them check your passport and you will receive a stamp (not on your passport). You have to leave your passport there. You will get the passport back on the bus.
  5. Pay 10 JD exit fee at the office on the opposite side and give them your recipt of payment
  6. Leave the hall
  7. Buy a ticket at the ticket office (outside) for the bus (5 JD per person without luggage)
  8. Now the bus will cross the border
  9. Leave the bus
  10. First check of passport
  11. Enter the arrival hall
  12. Security check
  13. Passport check. That's the last point you will reach without a valid visa. Also be aware, that if you have been to other arabic countries e.g. lebanon you probably wait here for longer (probably at least one hour)
  14. Ready, leave the hall and take a taxi (40 schekel per person in a min-van taxi) or bus to Jerusalem.

It took us about 4 to 5 hours (One of my friends has been to lebanon...) from Amman to Jerusalem. If you travel alone and take the bus, you will spend about 30 JD (~30€, ~40$)

From Jerusalem to Amman

We travelled back on a saturday. That's problematic because of the jewish sabbath and there will be almost no public transport. You should inform in advance how to come back (Ask at your accomodation!). But it is possible.

  1. Take bus or taxi to the border. It will take about 45 minutes.
  2. Enter departure hall
  3. At first, pay about 170 Schekel per person
  4. Go with the recips to the passport-check
  5. Maybe you bought items from a tax-free shop? than this is your chance to get your money back. Please be aware of that you need a special form of the shops.
  6. Leave the hall
  7. Enter the bus (Payment, 5 JD without luggage, will be after the ride)
  8. During the ride your passport will be colltected. You will get it back later.
  9. Enter the arrival hall and pass the security check
  10. Wait for your name and fetch your passport
  11. Ready, grab a cab or a bus to go back to Amman

Going back is much qicker. It only took us about 3 hours from Jerusalem to Amman.


For some of you maybe the most important: I didn't get any stamp. Also I didn't say anything, you just get a piece of paper for your stay permit. Don't loose it :)

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