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I do not have a new year's resolution (yet). However, I have one for this year: Create a new post on this blog till the 31st of December. Counting from 23th of November I will create 38 posts. That is quite a lot.

By this, I try to improve my expression in written english and force me to follow a everyday routine. We will see how this works.

I already have some ideas what I will write about:

  • Let's Encrypt: SSL certificates for everyone
  • EMA, E-Mail Archiver, is a java program to archive a postbox on local disk as HTML files. I use this, if I delete old postbox or they get deleted by an organisation (e.g. Leaving a company or university)
  • Asuro: Learning by doing. As a project during my studies for getting the bachelor degree, a colleague and I created a course for girls getting started with programming by using the asuro robot
  • Localizr is a project which retrieves geobased information from the semantic web and displays them on a nice web interface
  • Grüne Bohne is a fictional online shop which was created during a Design Thinking lecture 
  • RoboVM is an interesting approach for cross plattform creating of apps using Java.
  • Travel Guide through Jordan. Being a there for almost 6 months is one of my most important experience and I have quite a lot of things to share about what to do in Jordan.
  • Dropbox Java API
  • Course Review University of Mannheim: I have done 14 courses where I will provide an evaluation. 
  • General Review: Studying and living in Mannheim, known as the city of squares.
  • Topics and summaries from my upcoming master thesis
  • Web site optimisation
  • Free cloud hosting
  • Homage to a spammer ip
  • Instagram: Automatically upload tagged images

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