eBay: Resurgance of Auctioning

A decade ago eBay and its auctioning system were one of the most promising and famous web companies. Nowadays, eBay's strongest product was PayPal which was separated from eBay in July 2015 at the stock exchange. Auctioning, in contrast, lost most of its publicity.

Resurgance? Yes, Resurgance. Having less attraction, auctioning got interesting again. You have to find a good niche with a good balance (Many seller, less buyer). For example, you could try to buy apple accessoires. Examples are an Apple trackpad (75€) and an Apple keyboard (75€). I was very suprised by the prices I discovered. Yesterday, a keyboard was sold for 25€ and a trackpad for 30€, inclusive shipping. This is a big saving (150€ vs. 55€).

Conclusion: Take a look on eBay, you might find really great prices (But: I am not talking about this 'Buy it now').

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